Arrow Showrunner To Write Prophet Movie Adaptation

The comic book live-action genre is well-entrenched with the masses these days, and the passion for it seems to have yet to reach its peak. The latest comic book series to be adapted for the big screen is Prophet, which will be produced by Studio 8, and will be written by Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim.

Marc Guggenheim

For the uninitiated, Prophet was a 1998 comic book created by Deadpool mastermind Rob Liefeld, who himself has come on board the project as producer. The 7-issue run followed the story of John Prophet, a super-soldier who was put into cryostasis for a future mission, but awoke prematurely after being discovered by the superhero team Youngblood.

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The Prophet comics went on to become a cult hit, and was revived for a time by Image Comics in 2012. Deadline reports that, with the upcoming live-action film, the aim is to “build a franchise” around the titular character, though no future projects have been announced.

A release date and casting details have yet to be announced.