‘Arcane’ Five-Part Featurette On Netflix Series Will Be YouTube Exclusive

Arcane: League of Legends took the Netflix audience by storm when it premiered last November, gathering praise not just from the game’s enthusiasts, but from non-fans as well. As the acclaimed animated show awaits a second-season run, Netflix has announced a new five-part featurette to tide over the wait.

Titled Bridging the Rift, it will delve into the behind-the-scenes process, with a focus on Riot’s relationship with Fortiche Productions, the animation studio behind the series, and how the two teamed up to bring the world of League of Legends to life. There’s a catch, however — despite being produced by Netflix, the Arcane featurette is set to be a YouTube exclusive.

The first episode is premiering on 4 August 2022, with a new episode due to arrive every Thursday. No release date has been announced for the second season of Arcane, but there’s a chance that more information will be revealed during the gaming-focused portion of Netflix’s own Geeked Week event. That’s happening this Friday on 10 June (or 11 June, 1am, for those in the GMT+8 timezones), so keep your eyes peeled then.

The first season is officially known as Arcane: Act 1, and followed the early years of sisters Jinx and Vi, in and around the rich city of Piltover, and the oppressed underground city of Zaun. Various champions, such as Caitlyn, Jayce and Ekko, were also introduced along the course of the story.