Apple Vision Pro Sold Out In US, Starts Appearing On eBay

The scalpers are back in business. With Apple opening pre-orders for its Vision Pro mixed reality headset, resellers with confirmed early ship dates have taken to eBay to list their devices. And as expected, prices are well over the fixed retail price, ranging anywhere from under US$600 to US$7,000.

Since the first Vision Pro is only shipping on 2 February, the majority of eBay auction offers appear to be pre-order placeholders, with some showing proof of an existing pre-order. The markups are expected — the base 256GB model seems to start around US$4,000 on eBay, as compared to the US$3,499 standard — but it’s difficult to imagine someone forking out more for a relatively new and unexplored field product (even if initial impressions have sung its praises).

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There are other concerns, too. Unlike other Apple devices, the headset uses a great deal of custom fitting, requiring an iPhone with Face ID, information about prescription glasses and contacts, and a face scan. As such, it’s risky to buy it based on someone else’s measurements.

More concerningly, the sub-US$1,000 listings are a predatory and deceptive way to drive interest and bids. After all, there’s no way a seller will settle for a loss, especially with the 512GB and 1TB models costing US$3,699 and US$3,899 respectively if purchased directly from Apple.

The buzz around the Apple Vision Pro is understandable. Apart from being the Cupertino tech giant’s first new product since 2015’s Apple Watch, it holds the potential to change entertainment, communication and gaming by seamlessly switching between full, partial and realistic immersion.

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Apple has yet to officially announce if the headset is completely sold out, but estimates put its weekend sales haul at somewhere around 180,000 units. As of now, only those in the United States will be able to get their hands on it, with Canada, the UK, and China expected to follow suit at a later date.