‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Season 3 Marks Return Of Iconic ‘Clone Wars’ Villain

The final season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch has surprised fans with the return of Asajj Ventress, contradicting her previously established demise. Ventress, a fan-favourite villain who evolved into a complex character in the Star Wars universe, is shown in the new trailer wielding a yellow lightsaber and ready to confront the protagonists.

Originally introduced in 2003’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series and later adapted into the 3D animated series of the same name in 2008, Ventress’ character was thought to have met her end in the 2015 novel Dark Disciple. However, the latest trailer suggests a different trajectory for her character.

Supervising director Brad Rau has expressed excitement about bringing Ventress back. “We don’t want to spoil anything, but want fans to know that any new storytelling with Ventress will align with the events of Star Wars: Dark Disciple,” noted Rau on StarWars.com.

The character’s return, now sporting longer hair and a different lightsaber, hints at significant changes in her journey since her last appearance. The final season of The Bad Batch is expected to bring more adventures and possibly connect Ventress’s story to the rescue of Omega, a central character, from the Empire.

The Bad Batch, occurring after Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, has been tying up loose ends from the Clone Wars era. It follows Clone Force 99, a group of unique soldiers navigating the early days of the Galactic Empire. The final season, comprising 15 episodes, will conclude the series.

Fans are eager to see how the series will wrap up its story, especially with Emperor Palpatine seemingly playing a larger role. The Bad Batch‘s last stand promises to be a thrilling conclusion to an important chapter in the Star Wars saga.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 premieres 21 February on Disney+.