Apple TV 4K Gets Faster Chip Upgrade And Revamped Remote Design

Apple’s flagship streaming box has enjoyed a healthy four-year run, but it isn’t running out of steam anytime soon. Instead, the Apple TV 4K will be getting an upgrade in the form of the more powerful A12 Bionic chip under the same model name, alongside a revamped Siri remote.

The new chip is set to deliver HDR video playback at higher frame rates, with enough power to support 60 fps Dolby Vision playback over AirPlay from a compatible iPhone. This is a leap over its predecessor, where the sub-120Hz refresh rate proves insufficient for serious gaming on consoles. In addition to the boost in graphical performance, owners of the new Apple TV 4K can also look forward to an enhanced video-decoding and audio-processing experience.

The overall look of the TV box, meanwhile, remains unchanged. Steering clear of dongle design trend, it stays true to the square-and-circle puck aesthetic, with a newly-added feature allowing Apple TV to optimise the colours of the screen via an iPhone’s light sensor.

On the user side of things, the tech giant has made drastic improvements to the device’s oft-lamented remote control design. The improved iteration ships with a more ergonomic, stylish cut, and will feature increased capabilities. While it’s thicker than the previous model, there’s now a new five-away touch controller in place of a swipe pad, as well as a proper power button. The Siri search button has also been shifted to the side of the remote for easier access.

The upgraded Apple TV 4K starts at S$269 for 32GB of storage, and will be available for purchase through the Apple Store App, Apple Store locations, and the official regional website on 30 April 2021. The new Apple TV remote, meanwhile, is retailing separately for S$79.

As for fans of the other Apple products, the company’s “Spring loaded” April event showcased plenty of improved upgrades from its other product lines as well, including the ultra-slim, M1-powered iMac and the new Ipad Pro 5G.

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