Animal Crossing March 2021 Update Allows Players To Get Creative With Custom Designs On Umbrellas

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was a hit video game when it was released in 2020. It’s calm and chill approach helped kept many of us occupied while stuck at home.

At its initial release, the game was skinny on content once you’d burned through and purchased everything available. Over time, Nintendo has been releasing a steady stream of content updates and they’ve just landed on their coolest one yet.

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Players can now design their own small flags, photo stands, Uchiwa fans and umbrellas. Called the Custom Design Pro Editor+, you can use your NookPhone to save up to fifty slots of your designs. The Custom Design Portal can also be added into your NookPhone app from the Able Sisters store directly.

Animal Crossing players have already come up with ingenious ways of using these new customizable items. Because of its hexagonal shape, when placed down at a certain angle, the umbrella can look like a cube. This has led to many smart designs to spruce up their world. Here are some inspirations to help you come up with some cool designs.

Twitter user, @Doki_Crossing, proudly posted her Sanrio-inspired umbrella designs. In the right angle, her umbrellas turned into houses and tanks for her characters.


Have a plain garden that needs some decoration? Design your umbrella to resemble a crate of apples! User @yamaji_maya used her design to adorn her kitchen and orchid.


Since Animal Crossing has yet to add cats into the game, @yamaji_maya also came up with this adorable bed with a cat as a décor piece for her home.


There’s one for the geeks as well! Create a gaming setup with a GameCube and invite some friends over a game. You can also share codes of your designs with your friends, like how Reddit user athousandbabies did.

With endless possibilities, the sky is the limit for players as they find out-of-the-box ways to furnish their world. Their new patch also includes a 1st Anniversary Cake, a Sanrio collaboration, and even new seasonal items. You can also find more designs using the hashtag #ACNH on Twitter.