An Event Horizon TV Series Adaptation Is Currently In The Works At Amazon

Fans of the cult classic Event Horizon have cause for celebration as it has been announced that Amazon and Paramount Television are working together to develop a TV series adaptation of Paul W.S. Anderson’s 1997 science fiction horror film.

The series will be executive produced and directed by Adam Wingard who seems to be the right choice for the role seeing as how his filmography tends to skew towards horror, with films such as Death Note, the Blair Witch reboot, and You’re Next under his belt. 

The original 1997 film follows a crew aboard the spaceship called the Lewis and Clark. The crew, in 2047, were sent on a rescue mission to bring back another spaceship, the titular Event Horizon, which mysteriously reappeared after suddenly disappearing seven years prior. However, the crew of Lewis and Clark soon discovers that the entire Event Horizon crew had been massacred and they themselves start to experience disturbing images related to their own fears.

The film starred Sam Neill, Kathleen Quinlan, and Jason Isaacs, with a script by Philip Eisner. It sadly fell victim to some pretty serious editing room cuts which resulted in the film lacking a certain coherence. Despite being poorly received at its time of release, the film has since become a cult classic.

As a series, Event Horizon, stand to benefit greatly from a TV series that could perhaps patch up some of the plot holes that resulted from the heavy editing room cuts. 

As of now, additional details such as when productions for Event Horizon will start, or a possible release date has yet to be released.