Amazon Leaks New Critical Role Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Setting Book

New year, new Dungeons & Dragons adventure books. And if you’ve been following the hugely popular tabletop role-playing game avidly, you’d know that its new releases have constantly been leaked on Amazon even before Wizards of the Coast could even announce them officially.

The same appears to be case for what looks to be the first D&D book of the year. According to a recent listing, the new book is titled Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount, with a stated release date of March 17, 2020.

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The cast of characters for Campaign 2 of Critical Role, drawn by official artist Ariana Orner.

This new book is a guidebook for the setting of the ongoing second campaign of the immensely popular web series Critical Role, led by Matthew Mercer.

This will be the second Critical Role campaign guide, after the Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Mercer wrote and published alongside the folks at Green Ronin Publishing for the show’s first campaign. This second book will be the first Critical Role book to be written and published under Wizards.

Official map of Wildemount as seen in Critical Role Campaign 2, drawn by Deven Rue.

The new campaign book is one of many milestones that Critical Role has achieved over the past year, with the Kickstarter campaign of its animated series having exceeded over US$11 million in funding, and later on being ordered to series by Amazon Prime Video for two whole seasons.

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