Alienware Monitor

Alienware’s New QD-OLED Gaming Monitor Costs A Reasonable US$1,299

Alienware has an upcoming 34-inch gaming monitor that will be the first of its kind to feature Samsung‘s Quantum Dot OLED panel (QD-OLED), which is a technology that improves upon OLED technology, resulting in better overall brightness and viewing angles.

Alienware monitor

The monitor, AW3423DW, was first unveiled during CES 2022 and will be released in March 2022. With a native 3440 x 1400 resolution, Alienware’s QD-OLED gaming monitor has up to a 175Hz refresh rate while including next-gen features such as Adaptive Sync. It’s also a curved monitor with a curvature of 1800R, which strives to give a more immersive experience both for gaming and for watching films.

While the AW3423DW doesn’t have HDMI 2.1 ports, it’s likely a deliberate decision as the monitor caps out at QHD Plus resolution. Alienware also promised a three-year warranty that covers OLED burn-in, which is an issue that many early adopters of OLED technology faced, and thus are justifiably worried about.

The monitor itself will cost US$1,299, which is by no means a budget monitor, but that’s within expectations for a device that has the new QD-OLED technology among other cutting-edge features. It’s also more affordable than Alienware’s own 55-inch OLED gaming monitor released in 2019, which cost US$3,999 at release.

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