Alexa-Enabled Big Mouth Billy Bass Is Real And Just In Time For Christmas

Big Mouth Billy Bass is back and better than ever! Everyone’s favorite talking and singing fish is now programmed to respond to Alexa voice commands.

Billy Bass pairs with any Amazon Echo via Bluetooth and automatically updates with Alexa upgrades. It responds to Alexa voice commands, complete with lip-synced responses.

Not only does it respond to inquiries about the weather, your commute, the news, random facts, but reacts to timers, notifications and alarms. Oh, and it even dances to the beat of the music being played. It even comes with the original song “Fishing’ Time” built-in.

Billy Bass can be mounted on the wall, or placed on the table with the built-in stand. Plug it in via the power adapter or with batteries, the choice is yours.

If you already own an Amazon Echo device, you know you want one of these. It is available on Amazon now at US$39.99 and will be delivered just in time for Christmas!