Aftershock Launches Slate Series Gaming Notebooks With Nvidia RTX Graphics

Gaming PC and laptop heavyweight Aftershock is making inroads into the lightweight laptop category with their new SLATE series, powered by the latest Nvidia RTX graphics cards.

Last year, we saw the Aftershock APEX line condense the 17-inch screen into a 15-inch frame. This year, the SLATE continues that formula and adds to it, reducing the slimness of the body to a mere 19.9mm, making it the slimmest in Aftershock’s gaming laptop arsenal.

The SLATE series comes in two models – the SLATE 17 and the SLATE 15. The 17 comes with a 17-inch display and weighs at approximately 2.5kg, while the 15 houses a 16.1-inch display, weighing at approximately 2kg.

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Yes, the numbers can be distracting, but the SLATE 15, despite its namesake, contains a 16.1-inch display that comes in a 15-inch body, thanks to slim bezels. The SLATE 17, on the other hand, has a more traditional 17-inch screen in a 17-inch body. Both displays are Full HD, with a 144Hz refresh rate, and support the full 100% SRGB colour range, ensuring that colours on your screen pop out and captivate you.

In the graphics department, both versions of the SLATE pack the powerful NVIDIA RTX 20 series. The Ray Tracing technology, coupled with AI-enhanced graphics and their 8th-gen Coffee Lake processors means you’ll constantly have your jaw dropping when playing graphically-intense titles such as Anthem or Metro: Exodus.

The keyboard is Aftershock’s signature “Tactile Hybrid” Per Key RGB keyboard, which allows you to customize the colour of every key. The keys themselves are designed to minimise sound as you type, making them ideal for any scenario.

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The SLATE series also sets a new bar in Aftershock’s laptop line with new crystal-moulded fans and approximately 300% more fan blades that increase airflow by 40%, and an overall 35% increase in thermal performance.

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Other features include an in-built fingerprint recognition sensor on the SLATE’s glass touchpad for enhanced biometric security, as well as an ultra-portable power supply that makes you sometimes wonder whether this is truly a gaming laptop or a conventional one.

The SLATE 15 and SLATE 17 retail from S$2265 and S$2391 onwards respectively, depending on your custom specs. They are available now at the Aftershock website.


Model SLATE 15 SLATE 17
Processor I7 8750H 6 Core Processor
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 2060 GTX 6GB GDDR5
Memory Up to 32GB DDR4 2666Mhz (2 SODIMMS)
Storage 2 X M.2 PCIE SSD Bay
1X HDD bay
Display 16.1” 144HZ 100%SRGB FHD Display (1920×1080) 17.3” 144HZ 99%SRGB Display (1920×1080)
Dimension 380 x 252 x 19.9mm 399 x 268 x 19.9mm
Weight 2.0kg 2.5kg
Price from S$2265 from S$2391

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