After ‘Madame Web’ Failure, Amazon Scraps Marvel’s ‘Silk: Spider Society’ Series

Silk: Spider Society, initially set for release on Amazon Prime Video as the first of several Spider-Man spinoffs, is no longer moving forward at the streaming platform, as per Variety. Despite the show’s potential to expand on the character Cindy Moon, also known as Silk, a young Korean-American superheroine from Queens, the production faced significant setbacks.

Silk: Spider Society

Amazon’s decision to cancel the series comes shortly after green-lighting a different Spider-Man project, a Spider-Man Noir series starring Nicolas Cage. Silk: Spider Society was intended to explore Cindy’s beginnings in crime-fighting and her struggles with her identity, blending her heroic journey with cultural nostalgia from the ’80s and ’90s.

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The show, which had been in the works since around 2020, was part of a larger collaboration between Sony and Amazon. However, due to multiple overhauls and troubled development, including a complete shutdown of the writers’ room following last year’s Writers Guild of America strike, alongside the economic pressures of high-cost Marvel character adaptations, the project faced insurmountable challenges. Reports suggest that attempts to shift the narrative focus away from Cindy Moon failed to save the project, leading to its cancellation.

Angela Kang
Angela Kang in The Walking Dead

Angela Kang, known for her work on The Walking Dead, was the showrunner for Silk: Spider Society. Despite the setback with Silk, Kang remains under a multi-year deal with Amazon, continuing her collaboration on other projects. Meanwhile, Sony Pictures Television retains the rights to Silk: Spider Society and is reportedly seeking other networks or platforms to pick up the series.

The cancellation of Silk: Spider Society coincides with mixed successes in female-led superhero projects, highlighted by recent underperformances like Madame Web and The Marvels. This backdrop of challenges in the superhero genre could have influenced the decision to halt production as well.