Adobe Brings Photoshop And Illustrator To The Web – Here’s How To Access It Now

Announced at Adobe MAX 2021 today, Adobe has shared ‘a major step forward for collaboration’, by enabling a whole new way for stakeholders to collaborate on Photoshop and Illustrator, via the web!

Now, whenever you share cloud documents from Photoshop or Illustrator, your collaborators can review and add comments right in the browser without having to download apps or have a Creative Cloud subscription. Their comments will flow right back into the Photoshop and Illustrator desktop and iPad apps.

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Additionally, Photoshop on the web is released now on beta and accessible via Chrome and Edge web browsers. The beta includes basic editing tools in the browser to make minor tweaks and quick edits without having to launch the full Photoshop app.

Editing Capabilities

At this beta stage, Adobe is only beginning to explore Photoshop editing workflows on the web. But starting today, you will already see some limited editing features like simple layers, selection tools, masking, cropping, and more. Adobe is starting things out with the most commonly used Photoshop features such as workflows for retouching and adjusting images.

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Comments, Pins, Annotations

You can now manage and edit permissions with both internal and external stakeholders and clients. You can share your Photoshop document to invite others to make edits (if they have a Creative Cloud subscription), or send a view-only link for adding comments, contextual pins, and annotations.

You can already start sharing Photoshop and Illustrator documents for commenting and feedback via the web by updating to the latest versions of the apps.

How do you access Photoshop on the web (Beta) right now?

Photoshop on the web (Beta) with basic editing capabilities is available now in a public beta. To work with Photoshop on the web beta right now, go to Creative Cloud web > Files > Your files. Open a Photoshop document and click the “Open in Photoshop on the web beta” button in the header. Learn more about Photoshop on the web (Beta) in the Adobe Help Center.

Illustrator on the web (Private Beta) with basic editing is currently only available in private beta. You can request access to join the beta program here.