Adobe Is Letting Creators Monetize AI Art From Its Firefly Tool

Generative AI art is a popular topic in the creative space – particularly the ethics of capitalising on it. Well, software company Adobe has taken a stand. Soon, it will allow creators to monetize AI art created from Firefly.

Firefly, for those unfamiliar, is the software company’s Generative AI engine that aims to make content creation more accessible for newcomers, those who lack professional design expertise, and even creatives who are looking for an efficient tool to accompany their creation process.

Just last month, Adobe rolled out Firefly for Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe Express and today, it announced the commercial release of Generative AI.

Adobe Generative AI art

The software company has always been passionate about creating new revenue opportunities for its creators, and with this new announcement, contributors will be able to monetize generative AI art and creative assets that they have produced through Adobe’s technology.

This will work in the same way creators would monetize their works on Adobe Stock, where contributors sell images, videos and designs that are high-quality and royalty-free. The content purchased can be used commercially.

Where ethics is involved, Adobe wishes to be transparent with its creators, contributors, and users. This is done through Adobe’s Content Credentials, a result of Adobe’s Content Authenticity Initiative.

Adobe Generative AI art

This system shows what edits were made to said art, much like how a nutritional table on a food product tells you what ingredients went into making the food. Every artwork generated through Firefly will include Content Credentials, so users can see and know the process that went into making said art, what product was used, what model was used, and if the asset was AI-created, highly edited or human-created as well. Transparency is not only important in promoting trust, according to Adobe, but also in promoting the adoption of the technology.

Adobe has not shared the monetization model for Generative AI art at this point of writing, but the model used for Adobe Stock could be a great benchmark. As of now, contributors must submit works that meet the terms and conditions of the program. Adobe will then look at how many assets said contributor has submitted over the last 12 months and how many times said works get downloaded and used. After weighing both factors, Adobe decides on what actual amount is paid to the stock contributor.

Firefly is now available starting 13 September.