Adidas Launches Full Pokémon Collection Fit For Aspiring Trainers

A wild Adidas Pokémon collection appears…well, not really. The apparel brand has been slowly gearing up for the entire line-up by periodically dropping a few items over the last few months, in the form of backpacks, t-shirts, pants, sweatshirts, and of course, kicks.

Most of the selection seems to be available only in Japan, but fortunately for Singapore fans, the local catalog does offer a sizable range. Prices start from S$30 for a tee, and can go up to S$90 for a track suit set. Sneakers and other forms of footwear aren’t included in the list, however, so sneaker heads might want to gun for other options instead.

Here’s the complete collection as per the Adidas Singapore website:

Some of the designs are borderline tacky, but those are balanced out by the aesthetic picks, such as the minimalist, sleek-looking backpack, and the simple white-on-black sweatshirt that makes a nod to the Gen I era. It’s a pity about the lacking footwear, though, for there are some really eye-catching choices. The neat, adorable 8-bit flair on one of them should be a familiar sight, being the first on the list to be launched. Check them all out below.

For those who wish to browse through the Japanese range of items, the official Adidas Japan website has further details to offer. The more popular choices are already sold out, so you should probably act fast to catch ’em all, be it from the Singapore store, or otherwise.