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8Bitdo Releases The First-Ever Nintendo Switch Controller With Remappable Buttons

If you’ve been struggling with how one-track the controls for the Nintendo Switch are at the moment, you need not worry further. 8Bitdo has released a controller which allows you to configure all the buttons to your liking.


The SN30 Pro+ Bluetooth gamepad is the controller we’re talking about. Sporting a hybrid design of the classic SNES controller top, with DualShock-esque analogue sticks, this is one sleek wireless controller.

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However, while you’re paying for the controller, you’re also paying for the 8Bitdo Ultimate Software, and that’s where your ultimate customisation comes into play.


With the software, you can make custom macros, button profiles depending on the game you’re playing, as well as remappable buttons and sensitivity levels for the joysticks, triggers and even vibrations.

The SN30 Pro+ controller comes in three colours: Black, a classic Super Nintendo warm grey, as well as another classic Game Boy cool grey.


The 8Bitdo SN30 Pro+ controller will be released on August 7, and will retail for US$49.99. It is available now for preorder on Amazon. It’s not on the listings on Lazada or AliExpress yet, but it should be up there soon enough, too.

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