8 Reasons Why Back 4 Blood Is A Day One Purchase For Co-op Shooter Fans

Back in the day, Valve dominated the scene when it came to entertaining multiplayer co-op shooters. The Left 4 Dead series may have been relatively short-lived when it came to active development, but rabid fans have been keeping it alive forever. That is, unless Turtle Rock Studios has something to say about that with the upcoming Back 4 Blood.

The mowing down of zombie hordes seems to be back in fashion, and if you are even remotely interested in Back 4 Blood, or have some doubts whether it is right for you, here are eight reasons why it should already be on your wishlist.

#1. A Cleaner For All Occasions

Players will be taking on the role of Cleaners, veterans who are hellbent on wiping the ravenous Ridden off the face of this planet, and unlike the Survivors from Left 4 Dead, it is more than just cosmetic differences that set them apart.

8 Reasons Why Back 4 Blood Is A Day One Purchase For Co-op Shooter Fans - The Cleaners

The eight Cleaners – Doc, Evangelo, Hoffman, Holly, Jim, Karlee, Mom, and Walker – come with unique perks, abilities, and of course personalities. Damage dealers may gravitate towards Walker for his enhanced killing prowess, while support players can depend on Doc and her efficient healing. By composing a team of different pros and cons, you stand a better chance of surviving, and having more fun.

#2. Back 4 Blood Crossplay Mayhem

A multiplayer game requires players to prosper, and it is an excellent move on Turtle Rock Studios’ and the various platform holders’ part to make crossplay an inclusion for Back 4 Blood

That means players on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X can enjoy themselves with PC players, and no one needs to be left out. Matchmaking and queue times will be reduced, and the more time you are spending killing Ridden, the less you have to worry about when your demise will come.

#3. Geared For Success

Having access to a bunch of weapons is great, and Back 4 Blood certainly has that in spades. Cleaners can get their hands on melee weapons, pistols, submachine guns, rifles, and more. 

8 Reasons Why Back 4 Blood Is A Day One Purchase For Co-op Shooter Fans - The Ridden

To enhance your killing abilities even further, there are upgrades and mods that you can throw on to make your favourite weapons even more efficient. Giving players the freedom to go with their weapon of choice and making it better is definitely the right choice.

#4. A Royal Flush

There is no doubt that Back 4 Blood caused plenty of concerns when it was revealed to use a card system. Nightmares of microtransactions and pay-to-win will surely have flashed across many minds, but that is hardly the case here.

In fact, the card system allows for even more replayability and new experiences in Back 4 Blood. Think of it like merging a roguelike with a shooter, allowing both the AI, aka The Director, and the players to influence things by playing cards. 

8 Reasons Why Back 4 Blood Is A Day One Purchase For Co-op Shooter Fans - The Card System

Corruption cards will affect how the Ridden are, what kind of weather you will be playing in, and more, increasing the danger that lies ahead. For the Cleaners, you can play cards that can grant buffs and bonuses to make things easier. Either way, no two runs are ever going to be the same, and the more you play, the more cards you can unlock via the Supply Lines system.

#5. Ridden Bonanza

It is not just the Cleaners who are getting the fun stuff, the Ridden also bring their own party tricks to the world of Back 4 Blood. The Stinger, Reeker, and Tallboy have their own families of monsters, while the Snitcher and Sleeper are tough nuts to crack as well.

Whether it is taking you out with crushing melee attacks or ranged volleys, or bringing even more trouble by screaming out loud, players will have to deal with a variety of situations and enemy combinations that brings a bigger challenge than before. 

#6. Bossing You Around

We have not even touched on the boss-type Ridden yet. Who knew hulking flesh monsters were so interesting to look at even when they are trying to destroy your very existence?

8 Reasons Why Back 4 Blood Is A Day One Purchase For Co-op Shooter Fans - Bosses

Back 4 Blood also throws in various Ridden bosses into the mix just to shake things up every once in a while. A towering Ogre is going to require loads of firepower to take down, and we have not even seen what other kinds of nightmares await. Suffice to say, it is going to be one hell of a ride.

#7. Turning The Tables In Back 4 Blood

The four-player campaign is certainly familiar fare, but with all the added bells and whistles that Back 4 Blood brings to the table, you know things are going to be more hectic and fun. 

The same goes for the Swarm mode, where teams of four take turns being the Cleaners and the Ridden. It is always fun to be the enemy every once in a while, and the different ways to cause panic and harm to your opponents as the Ridden is a great formula for never-ending debates over which team is the best.

#8. Back 4 Blood Is Made For Everyone

Games are meant to be fun, and even with a fully kitted out team of four, not everyone is going to be on the same level. Thus, it is great that Back 4 Blood features several difficulty options for players to choose from, all while still maintaining the sense of surprise and challenge with the card system.

For those of you who are made of hardier stuff, Nightmare difficulty is awaiting. Be warned though, it is not for the faint-hearted.

At the end of the day, Back 4 Blood looks to reignite the passion for cooperative multiplayer affairs that have not been successfully captured in recent times. By doubling down on a solid foundation and adding their own twists on things, the team at Turtle Rock Studios look set to give us an enticing reason to get the crew back together again.