7 Best Desk Lamps In Singapore 2020 To Fill Your Dark Soul With Light

Regardless of whether you are hunched over your laptop working late into the night, or are in your bed reading a novel, it is always important for you to get a good desk lamp for that appropriate illumination, to ensure that your eyes are not strained from having to work in the dark. 

Yes, one can easily invest in a cheap one that works to only serve as a source of light, but we have done our homework to help you come up with a list of the seven best table lamps, from the most wallet-friendly option to the more premium ones, you can consider buying for your family, to help light up your household a little more. 

Baseus Lett LED Lamp (S$48.90)

Much like the TaoTronics Desk Lamp below, the Baseus Lett LED not only works as a desk lamp, but is also capable of wirelessly charging your smartphones. This saves you extra desk space and money from having to purchase a separate wireless charger. Plus it also comes with a USB port for those that prefer having their smartphones plugged in. 

It also works well as a desk lamp, coming with three different modes (Reading, Children, and Computer), with five different brightness settings available within those three modes. It even comes with an option for you to set a timer to remind yourself every now and then to take a break and rest your eyes.

Xiaomi Philips EyeCare 2 Smart Desk Lamp (S$50)

What happens when two tech giants combine their forces to create a desk lamp? You get the Xiaomi Philips EyeCare 2 Smart Desk Lamp, which combines the Philips’ lighting expertise with Xiaomi’s smart technology. 

The EyeCare 2 Smart Desk Lamp is designed such that it’s capable of delivering a wide range of light, with luminance ranging from 1200lux to 300lux depending on how close you are to the lamp. 

It also comes with a light sensor to help calibrate the amount of light you will need, though if you wish to adjust the lamp’s brightness manually, you can do so via the Mi Home App. 

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp (S$55.59)

If you are a fan of multipurpose products, then the TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp will be right up your alley with its wireless charging capabilities. You will be able to charge your iPhone or suitable Android devices with the wireless charging pad built into the base of the lamp. The pad comes outfitted with a rubber ring to help prevent your phone from slipping. 

The TaoTronics lamp also comes with a USB port so you can choose to charge your phone via cable, such that you can even have one device charging wirelessly while another is charging via the USB port. 

Of course the TaoTronics is also great in the illumination department, with users able to adjust the brightness and temperature of the light easily with a tap of the lamp’s touch-sensitive power button. It comes with five different colour temperature settings, so you can definitely find one that best suits your needs.

Luxe Cordless LED Desk Lamp (S$83.34)

If you wish to purchase a truly contemporary-looking desk lamp that does away with the hassle of cables, look no further then the Luxe Cordless LED Desk Lamp. It is, as its name states, a cordless LED lamp that can last you 40 hours before needing to be plugged in to charge. 

The lamp comes with three different light modes with six levels of brightness available for each mode. Though the lamp might look simple with it being just one long bent bar, you can easily place it anywhere thanks to the cable-free feature, and even adjust the support bar to almost any angle you want, making it an incredibly versatile lamp to add to your home. Though do note that the lamp does not come with any battery indicator, and you only have a flashing indicator light to let you know when the desk lamp is running out of battery.

Philips 66049 Gadwall Desk Lamp (S$199.06)

For those looking for a great energy-saving desk lamp, you can consider getting the Philips 66049 Gadwall Desk Lamp which comes with both a normal base that lets it sit on a desk, or a clamp you can use to spruce up your work or study space. 

According to Philips, the desk lamp will save you up to 80% on your electricity bills compared to the LED lights used in traditional desk lamps, which is great news for those who use a desk lamp constantly. The lamp also used a honeycomb lens to help diffuse light and reduce glare, and much like the other lamps in this list, it also comes with four levels of brightness for you to adjust.

BenQ Genie Eye-Care Desk Lamp (S$318.34)

The first thing many will notice about the BenQ Genie Eye-Care Desk Lamp is its unique curved LED light bar, which helps to illuminate your whole desk with its wide light range. According to BenQ, the LED is also flicker-free, and you can adjust the temperature and brightness of the light to suit your needs, with the highest brightness the lamp can go up to 1,600lux. 

Aside from its LED light bar, the LED lamp also comes in a stylish contemporary-looking metal frame with an adjustable elbow and sturdy base to make sure your lamp doesn’t topple over after a slight bump. 

Dyson Lightcycle (S$799)

It might be the most premium laptop in this list, but don’t let its high price tag scare you off as the Dyson Lightcycle (read our review) is truly a great desk lamp you should consider. You can easily switch on the Lightcycle by tapping it on the top of its head, then sliding your finger on the slider to adjust the brightness. 

Despite its slim frame, the Lightcycle still packs quite a punch, with over 1,000lux of brightness to ensure your entire desk is appropriately lit up. What’s more, the lamp also comes with glare protection and low-optical flicker to make sure you don’t get accidentally blinded when the lamp’s brightness is increased. 

Perhaps the best part about the lamp is its 3 Axis Glide Motion system which lets you adjust the length and height of the lamp to best suit your need, be it reading, working, or handicraft. Plus it also comes with a USB-C port for fast charging of any USB-C devices you might have.

Lastly, before choosing a desk lamp to purchase, it is always good to consider what you are looking for in a lamp, especially considering how each lamp in this list comes with various different features such as wireless charging or a cordless design. 

Do you want a lamp that offers you a multitude of brightness and temperature options? Do you want a lamp you can place anywhere or one you prefer affixed onto your study table? Do you have the budget to spare for a pricier option? These are all questions you can ask yourself before checking out on your purchase.