Zombies And Classic MW2 Maps Invade ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’

Call of Duty enthusiasts are buzzing with excitement as evidence from an official phone line, established by Infinity Ward and Activision, suggests that Modern Warfare 3 will feature Zombies mode and reintroduce iconic maps from Modern Warfare 2, such as Terminal, Afghan, Highrise, and Rust.

Previously, Infinity Ward had concentrated on the Spec Ops mode for PvE, with zombies being exclusive to Treyarch’s Black Ops series. However, as distinctions between Call of Duty sub-brands blur, fans expect a Zombies mode that leans into traditional round-based gameplay.

When fans messaged the phone number (highlighted during the Modern Warfare 3 reveal trailer) with names of original Modern Warfare 2 maps, the number responded with respective map icons. Map names from other Call of Duty games received either no response or an ‘End Transmission’ message. Texting “zombies” yielded a link to an audio file with zombie sounds, reinforcing the notion of the mode’s inclusion.

YouTuber MrDalekJD further fueled speculation by showcasing a zombie emoji reply upon messaging the term “zombies” to the said number. This development is significant as Modern Warfare 3 will be the first in the series to adopt zombies.

As anticipation builds, fans are especially keen to see how Zombies mode will be integrated into Modern Warfare 3, with hopes high for a return to the classic round-based zombies gameplay giving us a good chew on nostalgia.

Modern Warfare 3 is also set to reintroduce other beloved features, including Call of Duty’s classic minimap and slide cancelling, along with the return of the notorious antagonist, Makarov.

With an in-Warzone reveal event slated for Thursday, 17 August 2023, further confirmations on these details are eagerly anticipated. The game itself is set for release on 10 November 2023, marking a date that fans are sure to have circled on their calendars.