Rebel Moon Netflix

Zack Snyder Thinks We Need A 6-Hour ‘Rebel Moon’ Supercut Of Both Netflix Movies

Director Zack Snyder has big plans for Rebel Moon, revealing to I Minutemen that he is working on a director’s cut of both movies for a total runtime of approximately six hours.

Snyder is known for releasing director’s cuts with long runtimes ; his cut of Justice League had a runtime of four hours, and Rebel Moon is no exception. He did not reveal any release dates in the interview, but teased that the movies would be released on the same day somewhere in Summer 2024.

The extended version of Rebel Moon will be R-rated, with Zack Snyder adding that “They’re each about an hour longer than the originals, the PG-13 [versions]. So it’ll be nice to see the six hours together. You can take a break, of course. It’s a more, maybe, immersive experience. I’m interested for people to see it that way. It’s very adult, it’s very R-rated.”

Rebel Moon Part One: A Child of Fire follows a young woman living in a peaceful colony on the outskirts of a galaxy who is tasked with finding warriors to fend off an impending invasion by the despotic Regent Balisarius.

Rebel Moon Part Two: The Scargiver will release on 19 April 2024.