WWDC 2024: Updates On WatchOS, New Vitals App, Granular Adjustments To Activity Rings

With WWDC 2024 moving at a frenzied pace, one would imagine how the team’s Apple Watch readings might eventually look at the end of the day.

The upcoming Vitals app which will be rolling out together on WatchOS 11 could give the team the perfect indicator if stress is getting the better of them.

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The new app will provide a comprehensive understanding of your body’s health. Using various health metrics, this app offers a daily snapshot of your health status, showing trends over time. You’ll receive alerts if certain metrics fall outside your normal range, and personalized messages if multiple metrics are abnormal, explaining how they might be impacting you.

Being able to close your activity rings daily on your Apple Watch is a luxury to most, and it creates a sense of pressure which might turn off some users no matter how well intentioned the feature it. Thankfully with the new Watch OS update the activity rings can be adjusted by day of the week, or pause them for a rest day, and keep your awards streak going. This is especially great if you’re injured or need a break from the grind.

There were plenty of micro features that Apple announced for their Apple Watch and it seems that underneath the hood there might be plenty of interactions with the Apple Intelligence which is Apple’s own AI model which is designed to make your products even better.