WWDC 2024: Top Five Features In iOS 18

WWDC 2024 announced iOS 18, which will be the biggest software refresh in iOS history as Apple revolutionizes its software and brings enhanced features to its devices. Here are the top five features you can expect from iOS 18 when it launches.

Upgraded Visual Look & Feel

iOS 18

iOS 18 upgrades the visual look and feel of Apple devices with even more personalisation features, which lets you frame your apps around your wallpaper, tint the colour of your app icons, and app icons switch colours between light and dark modes.

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New Privacy Mode

A new Privacy Mode lets users hide apps, lock apps, and notifications which can only be unlocked with Face ID or a passcode for even more privacy. When you’re letting someone else use your phone, they can only open apps you authorize access to,

Tapbacks, Scheduled Messages and Text Effects

Tapbacks have become one of the most used Messages features, and previously users could only respond to messages with certain emoji reactions. In iOS 18, you can tapback with any emoji, allowing you to react with emojis that fit the situation. A new scheduled message feature will also come to Messages, as well as text effects to emphasize your texts.

Messages via Satellite

In a pinch and unable to access data networks? You can text via satellite in iOS 18, which supports iMessage and SMS texts, as long as you connect to a satellite. Satellite texts are end-to-end encrypted, though it’s unclear if the feature will be available in all Apple markets.

Other Features

iOS 18

Other notable features include a new tap-to-cash feature, which lets users exchange Apple cash between devices, so you can pay friends back for dinner with just a tap. Maps gets even more improvements with topographical maps and detailed trail maps in US National Parks. Categorize your emails with Mail’s new categorization feature, streamlining your correspondence. Photos will get an overhauled look, making it even easier to find old photos, A new Game Mode minimizes background activity to deliver an optimized gaming experience, keeping frame rates high.

With plenty of new features and customization to look forward to, iOS 18 brings even more convenience and enhancements to the iPhone.