WWDC 2024: Apple Redefines AI As ‘Apple Intelligence’, Puts Privacy At Its Core

Apple, as expected, is redefining artificial intelligence (AI) with its own twist: Apple Intelligence (also AI)

Apple Intelligence will be available on devices that can run Apple iOS 18, iPad OS 18, and macOS Sequoia software in the year ahead, specifically anything running an A17 Pro or M-series chip. This is significant as it illustrates that potentially aging devices would be able to run local AI tasks on existing Apple silicon which is fundamental to how Apple views users’ data and how AI will be used to fulfill a request.

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With Apple’s reveal at WWDC 2024, privacy remains at the heart of their approach to AI.

Apple Intelligence

When you submit a request, Apple Intelligence first checks if your device can handle it alone. If it needs more power, it sends only the necessary information elsewhere to complete the task. This data is not saved and is used solely for your request.

Siri, once the pioneering voice assistant, is getting a significant upgrade through Apple’s collaboration with OpenAI. It will be integrated with ChatGPT, offering free access without an account, while existing ChatGPT subscribers can enjoy paid features directly within Siri. Text-based interaction with Siri is a notable addition, as voice control was previously the primary method.

With ChatGPT providing the muscle, Siri is now able to offer users the ability to help them craft emails and text summaries which is one of the many features that we’ve seen in the previous months. The cool part is actually how all these boons come together as Apple is able to seamlessly generate images, enhance them, and eventually attach them in an email as demonstrated during the conference.

Apple Intelligence

The success of Apple Intelligence hinges on how well it integrates tasks within its ecosystem. While it functions smoothly with Apple’s apps, its true test will be incorporating third-party applications.