World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth – Succumbing To The Level 110 Character Boost

As much as one should enjoy the levelling process (yeah, right), with Battle for Azeroth at our doorstep (as of this post), it became apparent that hitting the level cap for 110 was an impossible task. Having been tied up with real-life matters, my character was able to hit level 66 before deciding to click the darn level 110 boost symbol, which has been strategically placed to tempt players each time they logged in. This boost is a Battle for Azeroth pre-purchase bonus, and more information can be found here.

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There’s only so many times one can properly enjoy the Frozen Wastes from Wrath of the Lich King repeatedly. This would probably have been my 5th time running through the zone and with less time on my hands on grind it out, the case to click the boost button became more apparent. The final straw was getting nuked by dragons in Coldarra, where flying mounts were previously not available at lower levels. In the past, you’d be safe on the ground away from level 80 mobs. but that meant the pace of leveling would be hampered if you didn’t make full use of your flying mount.

After dying for the nth time, I decided that there were certainly better ways to spend the weekend instead of corpse running. With the new expansion coming out, it effectively would be a reset in some ways, and it would be wise to tackle new content together with the rest of the population to stay along the curve.

Thus, I decided to click the damn 110 boost button and get it over and done with. While I had expected the process to be instantaneous, what lay ahead was quite a package that is pretty well put together by Blizzard. This is how the entire process looked like, the video is pretty long so feel free to skip ahead to 8:56 to see what you will eventually end up with –

In a nutshell, a 110 character boost is great for folks who do not have enough time to grind it out in game. Once the deed is done, you’ll be placed into a tutorial where NPCs will guide you through the basic abilities of your class. Having played a Monk tank for the most part of leveling, it was nice to have a full set of weapons all ready to grind it out as a damage dealing monk instead. Everything that I had in my bags prior and the equipped gear was replaced with an entirely Legion heroic-dungeon ready set of gear.

In addition, the boost will give characters most importantly –

  • A hearthstone set to Dalaran and a separate Dalaran only hearthstone
  • Restorative items
  • Four 22-slot bags: essential for questing
  • 500g: for your flying mount and flight skills

Players will be thrown into Dalaran where they will be totally overwhelmed by the multitude of quest chains to venture in next. For players totally new to WoW, we’d imagine that having a friend at this point of time would be the most useful, otherwise be prepared to scour the Internet for the multitude of guides out there. The biggest regret right now? My character would have done much better if I had started a new trial character at level 100 and boosted that instead. Doing so would have gained me a level 3 garrison which would have saved me plenty of time levelling up. This goes to show that a good amount of prep work is still needed even if you’re planning to shell out money to save time levelling a character.

The upside of it all would be being in time to experience the War of the Thorns event and snag the event exclusive mount before Battle for Azeroth hits. It’s a small consolation but I’m now in prime position to tackle the latest expansion’s content come 14 August.