clawsI’ll admit, I’ve always been a huge Wolverine fan as a kid, and my inner-geek fantasy was to have 1:1 scale Wolverine claws of my own for some “safe” role-play fun. There have been several attempts in recent years, mostly by custom builders, made out of metal. But the fact that they’re metal, and sharp, makes it an issue with shipping.

Come this June, Hong Kong-based Hingsan Product Design, will be fulfilling the wishes of Wolverine-crazed fans around the world with their first product – “Wolverine Collectible Light”.

What I like about this collectible is that it serves two purposes. For the collector, it makes for an attractive home decorative piece, on a table-top or wall-mounted. For the cosplayer, the claws are removable, lightweight and won’t be causing any accidental injuries with its blunt edges. Worried that it won’t fit your hand? Fret not! The designer’s even made the handles adjustable to cater to that problem.

The X-shaped light-up base is designed in exquisite black and silver finish, producing a remarkable, yet simple design, which is a perfect match with the metallic-painted claws (made from Korea Samsung ABS Plastic). There is even a touch control on the bottom-left of the base, to switch between 3 different light modes. And yes, “The Wolverine” logo on the bottom-right of the stand lights up too!


According to the manufacturer, it sounds like the end product should look geek-worthy:

“We don’t want to make things so complicated, we try to let each element comes together with an unrivaled level of care and precision, giving Wolverine Collectible Light a beauty that is both timeless and thoroughly modern. And finally, we did it.”

The Wolverine Collectible Light is due for release in June 2015, and currently available for pre-order at Hingsan’s website @ US$110 (worldwide shipping). If you’re in Singapore, it is also available via The Falcon’s Hangar (which was where I discovered this product), for S$160. Wolvie’s claws don’t come cheap, but if the quality and finishing is true to these photos, I’m sold.

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Yonk is a geek who is fortunate enough to have an equally geeky Star Wars fan for a wife, who owns a LEGO Millennium Falcon encased in a glass coffee table as their home's centre-piece.