WB Montreal Hints At Possible New Batman: Court of Owls Game

Joker has more than his fair share of the limelight as Batman’s greatest and most iconic villain, so it’s certainly refreshing that another nefarious troupe has taken centre stage for what could be Warner Bros. (WB) Montreal’s upcoming game.

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And it looks set to be focused around the Court of Owls, if an image posted by WB assistant producer Valerie Vezina on Twitter is anything to go by. In it, her shirt was shown to bear a logo that’s extremely similar to that of the nefarious group, and the secrecy surrounding the project – in which the name of the game is redacted – has led some to believe that a new Batman title is currently in the works.

For the uninitiated, the Court of Owls is made up of Gotham’s most powerful citizens who manipulate happenings in the city to satisfy their personal agendas. The caped vigilante, being the hero that he is, naturally thwarts their operations at every opportunity, resulting in conflict between the two parties.

The idea is more likely to be a hit than a miss: in 2015, WB Montreal put up hiring applications for two titles set in the DC Universe, thus confirming that a work-in-progress duo is in the pipeline. It has since been three years, making it entirely reasonable that the projects have made headway. Besides, this is hardly the team’s first venture into Batman territory, considering their previous work on Batman: Arkham Origins.

If you’re a fan of the Dark Knight himself and are awaiting more news at The Game Awards 2018, tough luck. Creative director Patrick Redding has confirmed that the team won’t be at the event, but will instead be sharing their excitement with industry partners.

Pretty please with a cherry on top, let this be true!