Vietnamese Video Game Retailer Assists Customer With PS5 Installation “Service” To Fool Wife

It wasn’t too long ago when the PlayStation 5 was released worldwide and demand for it has not died down since. The mad rush for the new Playstation console has certainly been nothing but good news for Sony. 

For Vietnam, the rampage for the console was delayed until now. When one Vietnam gamer finally got his hands on the highly-sought-after treasure, he had to think of a way to sneak his brand new purchase into the house without suspicion.

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The customer had bought the PS5 from a company named Viettel who was more than happy to provide an essential service. To pull it off, the customer called his “service provider” about a “problem with his wifi”.

It seemed like the company had seen the viral Plash Speed 5 video Youtube, where a man hires a Wi-Fi technician to set up his new PS5 console and poses it as a Wi-Fi router to his wife. So Viettel sent a shop clerk, disguised as a technician, to fix the “wifi issue” with the “latest generation of wifi transmitters”, just like in the video.

With true dedication, the clerk was so in-character that he wore a technician jumpsuit as the cherry on top.

Viettel’s service was so complete that they added a telephone hotline sticker on the console to make the ruse even more realistic. 

We are not sure whether his family is still under the wraps or realised it was not a new 5G Wi-Fi broadband router right away. Anyway, it is still quite funny and amusing how he managed to pull off quite the stunt.

Marketing stunt or otherwise, it’s still a nice touch seeing how a joke has been able to travel from online to offline. If any retailer out there is looking to go the extra mile for their customers, this would probably be it.