Valorant’s First Ultra Edition Skin Line Elderflame Turns Up The Heat On 10 July

Things have been pretty hectic for the Valorant team following the game’s explosive launch, and the momentum’s not going to stop anytime soon. Hot on the heels of the Sovereign skin line launch last month, the popular shooter hybrid will usher in its very first Ultra Edition skin line on 10 July 2020, titled Elderflame.

The new family of themed cosmetics transforms weapons into a ferocious, fiery draconic head that breathes flames out of the muzzle upon firing. In the announcement trailer above, it seems players can even call upon the dragon spirit to melt the Spike as a means of defusing, although it’s not known whether there’s any trade-off to this. The weapons are described to be “alive” as well, which does make for a cool sight.

At least nine items will be getting an Elderflame facelift, with each one priced at 2475 VP. The complete line-up will only be revealed on 10 July itself, but considering how the Ghost, Stinger, Guardian, and Marshal were given the Sovereign treatment, the remaining picks are likely to don the Ultimate Edition skin line this time. Oh, and the melee knife, too.