League of Legends’ Anima Squad Is Back With New PvE Game Mode, Character Skins & More

Grab your squad and suit up for a League of Legends-themed summer, as the popular MOBA returns to the world of Anima Squad with 11 new character skins, a new PvE game mode, Swarm | Operation, and a closer look at the Primordials. The event debuted in 2022, and featured Jinx, Sylas, Riven, Miss Fortune, and Vayne as the inaugural members of Anima Squad.

For those joining the fight for the first time, the new game mode is set in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi world where human civilisation has been pushed to the brink, and the survivors make their last stand against the Primordials in Final City. An elite task force of superpowered warriors with Primordian technology fight back against the Primordials, calling themselves Anima Squad.

league of legends anima squad

This time, Seraphine, Aatrox, Leona, Xayah, Yasuo, Luau, Yumi, Briar, Rek’Sai, Belv’eth, and new champion Aurora will be getting character skins. The gameplay is also described to be a take on the bullet heaven survivor genre, so expect enemy hordes in spades.

On the Primordial side, Aatrox is the Legendary general of the Primordial army who commands an intimidating presence, eventually becoming the final boss of the Swarm game mode. In the Anima Squad gameplay, he has a monstrous Ultimate form, which has stunning visual effects when he uses his champion ability.

Other Primordian characters include Rek’Sai, the mode’s intro boss, and Briar, who can be earned through the game’s story after she switches sides. Bel’veth also gets a sinister Primordial skin and is a cunning strategist.

Seraphine takes the lead as the Anima Squad’s commander, with a legendary angel-themed skin and wings that unfurl when she uses her champion skill. Leona gets a lion-themed skin, Xayah gets to be a battle bat, Yasuo becomes a fox, and Luau is a battle bear. Yumi transforms into a holographic assistant, keeping with the sci-fi theming.

The full list of skins and their rarity is as follows:

  • Battle Dove Seraphine, Primordian Aatrox (Legendary)
  • Prestige Cyber Cat Yuumi, Prestige Battle Lion Leona (Prestige)
  • Battle Bat Xayah, Battle Bear Illaoi, Battle Bunny Aurora, Battle Lion Leona, Battle Wolf Yasuo, Cyber Cat Yuumi, Primordian Bel’Veth, Primordian Briar, Primordian Rek’Sai
  • Admiral Battle Bunny Miss Fortune (Mythic Variant)
league of legends anima squad

Meanwhile, the Swarm | Operation: Anima Squad co-op mode allows players to join forces with up to three friends and complete missions, which can also be completed solo. Unlocking matched co-op requires players to finish all story-driven maps, but they can still play with friends before this occurs. As the battle unfolds, individuals will be able to unlock and upgrade powerful weapons and new Anima Squad members, as well as purchase Power Ups with gold earned in each game.

Some challenges require co-op functionality, and can only activate when the entire team is in the same location, while others pose more of a challenge with harder enemies to defeat. Eventually, you’ll face off against the final boss Aatrox, with plenty of surprises in the fight itself. Unique challenges placed around the map, Spires, give players buffs for taking on missions themed around the characters for XP and gold.

Completing the story unlocks higher difficulty levels and hidden achievements that unlock characters or rewards, so there’s something for completionist players, or gamers who simply want to have a good time. 

Swarm | Operation: Anima Squad will go live for four weeks when it hits League of Legends on 17 July. For those looking to grace the event in style, the following Anima Squad merchandise are now available for purchase:

  • Anima Squad Bomber Jacket
  • Anima Squad Seraphine Ringer Tee
  • Anima Squad Primordian Aatrox Tee
  • Anima Squad Battle Bunny Hat
  • Anima Squad Seraphine XL Mousepad
  • Battle Bunny Miss Fortune Figure
  • Battle Bunny Miss Fortune XL Mousepad
  • Battle Bunny Tibbers Plush