US$1 Million Awaits Southeast Asia And Oceania In Shadowverse World Grand Prix

In today’s gaming landscape, esports is pretty much the main draw for both gamers and mainstream media to come together and celebrate our beloved form of entertainment. With growing renown for players and increasing prize pools, it has become more than adequate as a viable career choice for many.

Now, we can add the strategy card game, Shadowverse, from Japanese publisher Cygames to the list of esports giants that are looking at the Southeast Asia and Oceania (SEAO) regions.

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In conjunction with the awesome folks at Eliphant (organisers of GameStart), players from SEAO will now be able to qualify for the Shadowverse World Grand Prix for the first time, and a shot at the first prize of a cool US$1,000,000!

We are delighted to extend our esports activities into Southeast Asia and Oceania. And we are delighted to welcomeplayers from the region to our World Grand Prix. We hope to build a truly global tournament environment, and we hope that building a sustainable ecosystem in the region will enable players from Southeast Asia to compete at the highest level.

Yuito Kimura, Game Producer and Executive Director at Cygames

Running under Eliphant’s BEast of the East esports and live production division, interested players will have several ways to qualify leading up to the SEAO Contenders Cup:

  • Six US$1,000 Prize Pool Online Tournaments
  • One US$1,000 Wildcard Online Tournament
  • One US$10,000 World Circuit Offline Tournament

If you’re based in Singapore and around the region, the event organisers of the Shadowverse World Circuit will be providing the first fifty individuals not based in Singapore with free accommodation to take part in the event from August 11 – 12 2018.

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Win and you will find yourself at GameStart 2018 (October 13-14), where the SEAO Contenders Cup will take place. Secure victory and you will be heading to Japan to contend for the first prize of a cool US$1,000,000 at the World Grand Prix near the end of the year!

Excited yet? Download the game now on iOS or Android, and even Steam and start training!

You can also visit Shadowverse Open for more information!

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