Untitled Goose Game Gets Physical With New Box Sets Released In 2020

“Duck, duck, goose!” takes on a new meaning with our resident menacing goose on the loose. Go back to ducking around with the villages for the House House is back with a lovely announcement for their honkingly popular Untitled Goose Game.

The physical edition of the game will be released as a box set with the special Lovely Edition that will be exclusively available on iam8bit.

First spotted on the Amazon Germany page, the physical version will be released 29 September 2020 will be available for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 (PS4). The box set will include goosey goodies such as the 11″ x 17″ hand-illustrated Town Map Poster by Melbourne-based artist and game developer, Marigold Bartlett, a ‘No Goose’ sticker, and a 24-page leaflet catalouging items worth collecting.

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There is even a vinyl soundtrack available. The vinyl will be of a random colour as they are made from reclaimed vinyl “grind” and even the jacket it comes in will be 100% recycled. The vinyl will feature a “double groove”, meaning that with every playback the music will randomly play one of the two tunes and you can’t control it. This musical roulette is the perfect tune for the chaotic energy of the goose.

The retail prices for the Untitled Goose Game box set will be around S$43.33 for PS4 and S$50.55 for Switch and can be pre-ordered from Skybound.com or iam8bit.

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