Kamehameha Rise, A Little Known Location In Singapore, Lets You Live Out Your Super Saiyan Dreams

Admit it – there was a time when your childhood dream was to become the strongest super-powered being in the world, like the Hokage in Naruto, the greatest Pirate King in One Piece, one of the Avengers members in the Marvel universe, or the Super Saiyan from the Dragon Ball series. Of course, such moments would later prove to be a passing fanboying/fangirling phase, serving as a reminder of good, old nostalgia, and the great influence of fictional narratives.

As it turns out, a building in Singapore actually allows you to live out your heroic fantasies…well, sort of. Named Kamehameha Rise, this small piece of land lies along the quiet terrain of Mount Sinai Drive, and is home to one Ridgewood Condominium.

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Here’s the thing: the name might not mean much to most folks. “Kamehameha” is a pretty long word, after all, and looks to be brought together by a bunch of gibberish-sounding syllabi. For fans of Dragon Ball, however, the word carries a different significance, with it being a major part of the show’s lexicon.

In context of the widely-popular series, the Kamehameha is the first energy attack to be unveiled, and the most-used finishing blow across the characters. It’s also the signature move of protagonist Son Goku, a Saiyan-turned-Super-Saiyan who ended up as Earth’s greatest defender after sustaining a head injury that wiped out his early memories, including his original mission to destroy the planet.

The geeky name has caught the attention of two Google reviewers who left behind an entertaining, humourous short read. “Stayed here to rise as a super saiyan,” one wrote, while the other joked, “Stayed till i went beyond the Super Saiyan which surpasses the regular Super Saiyan. Or you can call it, ssj3.” 10/10 reviews, would read and recommend.

Ridgewood Condo was developed by Dillingham Land Singapore, and built to completion in 1981. Its stated address is 51 Mount Sinai Dr, which is slightly off from that of Kamehameha Rise (61 Mount Sinai Dr), but the difference is pretty much negligible. Google Maps’ street view yields no name of the signage – a pity, really, because that’d totally validate the latter’s existence – though you can see a side gate leading into the condo a small distance away. Indeed, Kamehameha Rise appears to be the first security checkpoint, as stated on the condo’s website.

Here are a few more photos of the apartment, courtesy of the aforementioned source:

This is all a pretty amusing find, and it’s always nice to see pop culture references brought into real life, intentionally or otherwise. With no official signage, Kamehameha Rise is probably more of an informal term of address than anything, but that’s definitely not going to stop enthusiasts from moving in and living out their Super Saiyan dreams.