Logitech Joins ASUS Creators Academy, A Sharing & Learning Platform For Content Creators

Renowned audio brand, Blue Microphones by Logitech for Creators, has joined the Creators Academy by ASUS initiative, a platform for content creators to share, learn and inspire one another.

The ASUS Creators Academy was launched in 2021 with a goal to enable content creators and provide a platform to showcase their work. To that end, Creators Academy has shared tutorials, tips and guides created by talented local content creators.

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One such guide is a tutorial on creating video transition effects by comedy expert Jaze Phua.

“The Creators Academy is… also an initiative where brands like ASUS and many others can band together to enable and empower these creators with the avenues to showcase their work and skills and not forgetting the resources or equipment they might need. Which is why, to have Blue Microphones by Logitech for Creators joining the Creators Academy along with others is a milestone for us,” ASUS Singapore Head of Marketing Eddie Teng says.

Blue Microphones is best known for its Yeti line of USB microphone products, used in gaming and streaming. The microphones are prized for their high-quality studio-like audio recording, versatile controls and ease of use.

The partnership will help expand the content variety on Creator Academy, and provide its content creators with more tools to do their best work.

Speaking of tools, we gave out some Logitech products to content creators for Christmas last year. You can check out the recording of the Twitch stream below for some cool reactions.