Unboxing Magic: The Gathering Commander Masters Collector’s Boosters & Draft Boosters

Hot on the heels of Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth, the latest Magic: The Gathering set, Commander Masters, is a must-have for any Commander player. But, that’s if your wallet is able to recover considering the wave of releases.

Packed with a great deal of reprints and staples, the upside of this release would be a probable price drop on existing cards. Great for players all around but collectors and speculators might have some cause for concern.

commander masters

The biggest draw of the set would be checking out all the new variants of our favorite staples. After all, one can never have enough Sol Rings to bling out their decks.

In terms of box-opening entertainment, the draft booster box has much more packs to go through but having more common cards also means greater opportunity to land key commander staples. We would have loved to see more packs with the collector boosters considering the prices of the box to see more value.
commander masters

Overall, Commander Masters remains an excellent set for any Commander player, especially if you’re hunting for new singles. The set is packed with powerful cards that will improve your decks. And, with a wide range of prices, there’s something for every budget.