Unboxing Hasbro’s Transformers: War for Cybertron Kingdom Commander Class Rodimus Prime

It has been only a week since we unboxed Hasbro’s new Autobot Ark figure, and they’re back giving fans the treatment they deserve arise, the brand new War for Cybertron: Kingdom Commander WFC-K29 Rodimus Prime!

The G1-inspired Commander Class toy can be a divisive character for some. After all, Hot Rod DID inadvertently cause the death of Optimus Prime (we hold on to this truth). However, we cannot discount that he’s worth considering that the Matrix of Leadership did choose him over Ultra Magnus. Stepping up to become Rodimus Prime and making short work of Galvatron and Unicron we (’80s kids) finally have the chance to pick up a figure which does the character justice.

Standing tall at 7.5-inches, Rodimus Prime can convert into racecar mode in 34 steps and within 8 steps into his truck mode, which can store weapons and transport Deluxe Class figures (sold separately).

The truck trailer can also convert into a mobile defence bay with two missile launchers for Rodimus to stand guard against the Decepticons.

This is the first time Rodimus Prime gets a Commander Class treatment, before this, there were other iterations of Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime such as the Transformers Generations Leader Class Rodimus Prime and Studio Series 86 Voyager Class Hot Rod. Hasbro is doing things right when it comes to satisfying Transformer collectors.

The figurine also comes with several really cool accessories including, the G1-inspired Photon Eliminator Blaster, two smoke effects to attach to the truck, the Sword of Primus, and last but not least, a light burst effect attachment with the Matrix of Leadership, which Rodimus can beautifully hold in his hands.

Identical to the Autobot Ark, the Commander Class Rodimus Prime also includes a collectible Golden Disk card.

Pre-orders for Transformers Generations War for Cybertron: Kingdom Commander WFC-K29 Rodimus Prime is US$84.99 on Hasbro Pulse but unfortunately, it’s completely sold out.

However, if you live in Singapore, you can get one off Lazada for S$199.90. The figure is slated to release on 18 June 2021.