Ubisoft’s New Battle Royale Shooter Hyper Scape Leaked In Predictable Fashion

Another day, another new Ubisoft leak. At this point, we will never really know if these are leaks or just Ubisoft engaging in an alternative form of marketing. Hyper Scape, the brand new battle royale game being developed by Ubisoft Montreal, has been revealed.

While information about Hyper Scape was shared on Twitter earlier in the day, a teaser site has now gone live. Representing Prisma Dimensions, a technology company specialising in “direct neural simulation,” that also happens to be the codename or sorts for the game.

Read on and you will find talk of its latest product, Hyper Scape, which will be hosting the “the pulse-pounding action of Crown Rush” on the neon-drenched streets of the virtual city Neo Arcadia. More information will come this Thursday, 2 July.

The confirmation of the new battle royale as a legit game also comes via various streamers. Images of the game have been shared on Twitter, only to be mysteriously removed a short time after. Suffice to say, this is some chaotic roll out, and we are all here for it.

With Ubisoft Forward set to take place on 12/13 July, you can bet this new game will be making an appearance there.

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