Ubisoft Wins Fight, Eliminates Rainbow Six Siege Mobile Clone

Chalk this one up as a victory for the good guys. Following the news that Ubisoft had begun proceedings against both Apple and Google for allowing a mobile game clone of Rainbow Six Siege to exist, the blatant copy of a game is now gone.

Developed by Alibaba-owned Ejoy, Area F2 has now disappeared from both digital stores. Players who have spent money on the game can now ask for refunds as well.

Of course, similar games are hardly a surprise. However, the similarities between the definitely more expensive Rainbow Six Siege and the mobile Area F2 could have led consumers to believe they were one and the same.

With the threat of the lawsuits, it appears that Ejoy did not fancy a fight against Ubisoft. However, they are not leaving without a fight. Sort of. “We are carrying out improvements to Area F2 in order to deliver a better experience to players,” it wrote in an update. It is likely the game will return in its original form sans the obvious Siege-like elements.