Top 9 Shows To Watch On Disney+ For Both Adults And Kids Alike

In this day and age, parents might have a hard time understanding and connecting with their kids. Imagine, there was a way for parents and children to get on the same page? Enter Disney+ as a streaming service and we now have access to most of Disney’s content, both new and old. At home, there’s now a way to spend time with family and watching shows everyone would enjoy. 

Here are some of our Disney+ recommendations for some weekend bonding with the family.

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Frozen I & II (2013 & 2019)

When on Disney+, the first stop would be to visit the Disney princesses. While Elsa was a recent addition to the Disney family, that doesn’t mean her movie is not as good as the classics. Frozen was one of the best performing movies that brought kids and parents together as they  sang ‘Let It Go’ and ‘Into The Unknown’ on repeat. It’s top-notch storyline doesn’t exclude any age group, with an easy to follow plot and fun characters like Olaf and Sven bringing life to the movie. 

Fair warning, this sets you on a path with no return. Be prepared for reruns with many more in the bag.

Phineas & Ferb (2007-2012)

If it isn’t the most memorable series of all time, we don’t know what is. The two brothers, along with their friends, build different crazy projects, gluing viewers’ eyes to the screen. There is so much that goes on in just one episode, it is bound to attract most audiences. Action lovers would love the fight scenes when agent P protects the city against evil villain, Dr. Doofenshmirtz. Friendships between Phineas, Ferb and their friends adds humour and drama. The plot might be a tad childish for the older ones, but who doesn’t like rewatching their childhood favourites and passing their love of the series down to the kids. 

Not only are there 4 seasons of the show, they have also created some awesome crossover movies they did with Marvel and Star Wars. It is impossible for anyone to get bored with a group of teenagers pairing up with the Avengers to save the Tri-State area. 

High School Musical Franchise (2006)

The one and only High School Musical trilogy was the Disney trilogy that raised most 90s and 00s kids. With Troy being the popular school athlete and Gabriella, the academically-driven student, no one saw it coming when they decided to pair up for the school musical’s audition. In the movie, they learn about teamwork and the hardships of high school. With memorable and exceptional soundtracks, nobody will be able to forget this extraordinary movie that took the world by storm. Adults will be able to look back on their high school days while kids get a sense of how school was like in the 2000s and how much has changed.

With a series released in 2019 titled “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” you know this is in some ways peak Disney for the modern kid.

Mickey Mouse (1928-2020)

The man himself, Walt Disney, once said, “It all started with a mouse”. So there was no way we are keeping the Mickey Mouse franchise off this list. There’s no escaping how three simple circles can come together to form one of the most iconic logos in the world. Mickey Mouse goes way back, with its first ever cartoon released almost a century ago. Withstanding the test of time, Mickey has been able to connect with several generations in its lifetime. Disney+ has a whooping 31 Mickey Mouse series in its bank.

Mickey holds the power to make most people in the room feel nostalgic. With the signature silhouette and red shorts, the mouse is always on an adventure and never fails to make people laugh. You and the family can enjoy the evolution of Disney’s technology and animation style by watching it in the chronological order each series was published. 

Soul (2020)

As Pixar’s most recent release, Soul is a great movie for both adults and kids alike. Soul touches on life and existential crises with a touch of humour. Even though it may be confusing for kids and even some adults to follow the complex matters of life, it still gives the audience a chance to explore the inner challenges all humans must face. Soul gives a good introduction of a person’s passion and dreams and the realistic awakening that there might not be a clear path for everyone and that is ok. 

Kids may not be big on this movie since it is not as action-packed as compared to others, but they gain an understanding and expectation of how life will not be perfect. As the movie progresses, kids would no doubt be asking a plethora of questions. A perfect opportunity for the family to connect with each other about their hopes and dreams. 

An additional plus to the movie is that its main character is a person of colour. With Pixar’s first film that stars a black character, viewers can better connect with the on-screen characters while feeling represented in the film industry.

Read more about Soul, here.

Winnie the Pooh (2011)  

The hunny-loving bear and gang struck the hearts of many when it was released. The movie and its animation were inspired by five of A.A. Milne’s (author of Winnie The Pooh) books, which were hand-drawn to perfection in the movie. The movie is filled with funny and touching scenes. No doubt there will be a dash of high-energy scenes where Pooh and the gang go off to save Robin from the evil troll, the Backson. The fun and amusing characters will make sure you and your kids fall in love with them. 

Once you’re done with the show, you could take it one step further and grab the recently announced LEGO Winnie The Pooh set.

Star Wars Rebels (2014-2017) 

Introducing your kids to the galaxy far far away can be challenging, with the 3 long trilogies and many series that branch out of them to continue the story. Starting with Star Wars Rebels, it could make it easier for them to understand the entire plot of the great franchise. The adults won’t get bored too, as the series gives Star Wars fans a more complete picture of the entire plot. The series was set during a time between the films, Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of The Sith and Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. In the third episode, while Order 66 was in motion, a brave group formed in resistance against the Sith. 

Disney+ also has extra parts to the series to answer some questions that might pop up while watching the movies. Along with the Rebels series, there is also Star Wars: Forces of Destiny which introduces the heroines of the franchise. The original Rise of Skywalker trilogy is available on Disney+ but may not be suitable for the young ones as it may be a little too scary. 

Lion King (1994)

A classic so good that it was remade in 2019. Lion King follows Simba, a lion cub excited to take the throne after his father. But the wicked Uncle Scar distracts the naive youngling and crowns himself as King. But Simba realizes his duties and returns to the Pride Lands to complete his “Circle of Life”.

Why watch the older one if there is the live-action version with top notch cinematography and photorealistic computer animations? They always say that every sequel will never beat its original, which is sadly the case here. With the remake, many agree that the balance between realism and the actual meaning and plot of the movie were skewed. With the original, the younger audience can enjoy the movie without scaring themselves with the hyper-realistic drawings and everyone will be able to  truly enjoy the intended plot of the movie without the overwhelming Beyoncé songs. 

Finding Nemo (2003)

An unforgettable movie about bravery, trust, and adventure, Finding Nemo is a perfect mix of action and excitement while instilling the value of family without being too overbearing. 

The movie was released 22 years ago, a perfect equidistant amount of time between the adults and kids. The story of Marlin, the protective dad finding his son, Nemo, who got lost in the Great Barrier Reef is both touching and exhilarating at the same time. The underlying themes of friendship, love and support set a perfect tone for families to open their hearts to one another. On the other hand, Pixar does a great job of balancing the suspense, with the dangers of the ocean, and the hilarious contrast of attitudes between Dory and Marlin as they find Nemo. 

These are just some of the best movies and series we can think of that will bridge generations together while making it enjoyable for everybody. With access to all our childhood favourites, it makes it so much easier for geek parents to share their love for Disney with their kids. Hopefully, these shows will help families understand one another better while reminiscing about the good ol’ days. Disney+ definitely has enough content that can satisfy any family. With snacks and pillow forts in hand, head over and subscribe to Disney+ to watch our best-recommended shows.

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