Tilda Swinton Plays Both A Daughter And Her Mother In A24’s ‘The Eternal Daughter’

It’s an eerie thing when a child looks exactly like their parent. A24’s The Eternal Daughter takes it up a notch, as it gives us a haunting mystery at the heart of the film which stars Tilda Swinton (The French Dispatch, Doctor Strange) as both Julie Hart and her elderly mother Rosalind.

The trailer shows us the mother-daughter duo as they check into a hotel with ties to Rosalind’s childhood. However, Julie senses something ominous lurking in the building that seems to want something from her and her mother.

A local tells Julie that “memories flood black in this place, quietly through the evening.” Moments later in the trailer, Rosalind shares, “The longer we’re here, the more it comes back… The dread.”

Whatever is responsible for the mysterious atmosphere, it’s likely that Rosalind’s muddled past has something to do with it.

From director Joanna Hogg, The Eternal Daughter is a follow-up to The Souvenir and The Souvenir Part II. While Swinton played Rosalind in the two previous films, it was her daughter Honor Swinton Byrne who inhabited the role of Julie.

The Eternal Daughter hits theaters 2 December 2022.