THQ Nordic Rises From Slumber With 14 New Games in 2022 Showcase, Including Sequels & Remakes

With Gamescom coming up on the horizon, gaming news is set to jump into overdrive yet again. However, before that, publisher THQ Nordic is taking advantage of the relative lull to show off some of its biggest games with the THQ Nordic Showcase 2022. If you are eager to find out just what was shown off at the show, let us lend you a hand.

THQ Nordic Showcase 2022

A total of 14 games both new and familiar were shown off, and if you are hoping to get more details about each of these THQ Nordic games, here’s what you will need to know:

And the full stream is available here:

AEW: Fight Forever

Revealed just a few days ago, AEW: Fight Forever is set to be the alternative competitor to the established WWE wrestling franchise over at 2K. With the AEW license, players will need to prepare themselves for high-flying action in the right, over-the-top personalities, and plenty of mini-games involving the superstars of All Elite Wrestling.

Alone in the Dark

A horror icon returns with this reimagination of Alone in the Dark, where the classic survival horror title comes to the gothic American south. Players take on the role of either troubled Emily Hartwood or private investigator Edward Carnby and try to get to the bottom of the evil rotting at the core of Derceto Manor.

Between desperate combat and atmospheric puzzles, Pieces Interactive is going to try to deliver a familiar fear in the modern world.

Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed

With Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed approaching launch on 31 August, the THQ Nordic Showcase 2022 gave us a glimpse of another threat outside of Crypto and Furon. The Blisk is huge and disgusting, and are ready to fight for control of the planet with our favourite aliens. We are going to have a big fight on our hands both on land and in the air later this month.

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake

Everyone’s favourite underwater sponge is back for a new adventure, this time as a result of unwitting wishes. Opening portals to strange Wishworlds, get ready to explore seven distinct worlds and don more than 30 cosmic skins to rescue the universe in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake.

The Valiant

An interesting reveal in the last few months, we finally get a closer look at The Valiant, a real-time strategy squad-based title that takes place in medieval times. Take control of your knights and seek out the Rod of Aaron before it falls into the wrong hands, fighting across the Middle East and Europe in your quest.

Once you have mastered the single-player portion of the game, take your skills online and test your mettle against others. In any case, this looks to be an interesting take on the genre and well worth a look.

Gothic 1 Remake

First released back in 2001, the time to revisit the classic that is Gothic will be soon as we get another look at the THQ Showcase 2022. Take control of the Nameless Hero, a convicted prisoner who is set to change the mining colony on the island of Khorinis, and end the chaos that stands before you.

Expect the remake to stay true to the original while providing modern mechanics and controls, we just need to hold tight for a release date from developer Alkimia Interactive.

Space For Sale

If you ever wanted an open-ended experience in space, then Space for Sale will be right up your alley. Play as an astronaut who is now the proud owner of an entire solar system, and get to work building homes for your eccentric and demanding clients of extraterrestrial nature.

Go exploring new worlds, gather resources, and take the time out to study the flora and fauna; enjoy Space for Sale on your own or in co-op when this Mirage Game Studios project launches on PC.

Jagged Alliance 3

For some good old turn-based tactical goodness, look no further than Jagged Alliance 3, with both solo and online co-op play in the offing. Players can recruit from an extensive roster of mercenaries ranging from the quirky to downright psycho, as you embark on a quest to rescue the President of Grand Chien.

Of course, you can choose the path of your own liking, and it will be fun to see just how much the game pays homage to its roots while trying something new.

Tempest Rising

Another real-time strategy title in the THQ Nordic Showcase 2022, Tempest Rising combines classic base-building with combat that will crush the unprepared. Set in an alternate 1997 where the first nuclear war left everything in tatters, choose from three playable factions that each boast their own unique playstyle and features.

Add in skirmish and multiplayer game modes, and this should suit those hardcore RTS fans just fine.

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign

Choose your kingdom and become the king as you wrestle over control of Europe in this fresh take on medieval real-time grand strategy. Make the best decisions as the head of your royal family, and choose your path as either a ruthless conqueror or a cunning diplomat.

Take command of your troops in real-time, and show the world and those online just who is the grandest strategist of them all.

Outcast 2: A New Beginning

Over 20 years since Appeal Studios’ award-winning open-world action adventure, Outcast 2: A New Beginning sees the return of Cutter Slade. Join the hero as your return to the alien world of Adelpha, and save the planet together with the oppressed Talans.

There’s even a jetpack to help with exploration, and who wouldn’t want that?


If you needed more mayhem in your racing, then Wreckreation is exactly what you need. An open-world arcade racing experience, go nuts over 450,000km of roads over a 400,000 square-meter world using more than 30 vehicles across multiple categories. You can even build your own custom tracks to share with others; it is time to get your engine running with Wreckreation.

Way of the Hunter

With only four days to go before the hunting season begin, the THQ Showcase 2022 highlighted some of the fun that awaits in Way of the Hunter. Become the new owner of a hunting lodge and experience hunting in its purest form, but be sure to watch out for the illegal hunters. Get out there and show them just how it’s done when the game launches on 16 August.

Stuntfest – World Tour

Mix extreme sports and racing together and you’ll get Stuntfest – World Tour. 18 players go head to head to race, wreck, and bounce their way to success, as the elimination-based stunt show with all kinds of game modes. There are even gadgets to use to help you gain the upper hand, so you have been warned.