M1 Ultra Mac Studio

Confessions Of A PC User: Apple’s M1 Ultra Mac Studio Is A Dream Come True

Apple has carved out a path in content creation and productivity, with its family of devices becoming especially popular picks for creative professionals. Always one to embrace innovation, the industry giant continues to push past the boundaries of technology year after year, rolling out new upgrades, features, and improved iterations of its existing product lines. The M1 Ultra Mac Studio is one that utterly deserves the spotlight.

M1 Ultra Mac Studio

Touted as the go-to machine for video and photo editing, the stronger sibling of the M1 Max iteration has much to offer on paper, from its compact 19.7cm x 9.5cm form factor to faster CPU and GPU performance.

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It’s not just for show, either. All of that actually carries over well to the real world, with the device surpassing expectations by leagues – and then some. The main appeal of it can be attributed to an amalgamation of these five factors: portability, connectivity, performance, its place in the Apple ecosystem, and value.

In fact, the M1 Ultra Mac Studio even managed to get high praise from a sceptical long-time PC-using colleague, who described it as a “little beautiful beast [for] making videos and editing photos”. Check it out in action above, as it stands up to the rigours and demands of Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Blender.