This Pikachu Electric Shock Wire Loop Game Makes Science Fair Projects Electrifyingly Cute

If you’ve ever wondered what Pikachu’s powers felt like now’s your chance. Takara Tomy has recently released its take on the classic wire loop game with its incorporation of Pokémon’s Pikachu to its design.

The game’s objective remains the same as the original where players would have to move the metal loop probe through another metal wire obstacle all while ensuring that both do not make contact with one another. If the two metals touch, the electric circuit will immediately close and would then give off a red light or a buzzing sound.

As for Takara Tomy’s version, it is Pikachu’s tail that’s turned into the metal wire obstacle. When the metal probe makes contact with the obstacle, the circuit closes and sends Pikachu in a frenzy. The electric-type Pokémon’s cheeks light up and the toy vibrates before following up with Pikachu’s Thunder Shock sound effect.

Dubbed “Electric Shock Warning! Electric Shock Pikachu,” the toy is priced at ¥3,850 (approximately US$35) and scheduled for release on 24 April over at their online store.