Fans of Star Trek have made some of the show’s futuristic technology a reality, from the flip phone/ communicator, tricorder to the universal translator, but the latest one to become actual device is something that everyone can wear with a badge of honour.


To commemorate the show’s 50th Anniversary this year, Thinkgeek has come up with an actual working Combadge, designed after the one used in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Yes, the design is not the latest streamlined one used for Deep Space Nine or Voyager, but this design probably requires the complete shell to house all the electronics.

Instead of linking to the ship’s computers, this Bluetooth enabled Combadge allows users to link it to their Android or Apple phone, to answer and reject calls. It can also be used to play and pause music, and bring up voice control of either Siri or Google Now. Beam me up, nao!

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And yes, tapping on it will trigger the iconic “chirping” sound as per the ones heard on the show. Battery life for the device is 10 hours on a single charge. Now, if only someone can find a way to get Majel Barret’s voice in there.

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