The Samsung Galaxy Fold Returns After Being Cancelled Last Week

It seems like Samsung’s revolutionary Galaxy Fold will be getting a second chance in the market.

An announcement was made on May 7, stating that Samsung will be cancelling orders made for the Galaxy Fold. Now, Forbes reports that the foldable smartphone will indeed be returning after all.

Samsung CEO Koh Dong-Jin has confirmed that the Galaxy Fold will be making a return and when asked when customers can expect to receive their foldable smartphones, Koh replied that Samsung “will not be too late”. This means that customers might be able to receive their phones by the end of May, or the start of June.

This latest announcement is a great turnaround for a smartphone that has been plagued by a nightmarish few weeks.

What was initially supposed to be the world’s first commercially available foldable phones encountered its first problem when it was revealed that its first batch of review units broke down easily, due to its vulnerable screen. Later on, a video was posted by iFixit revealing how “alarmingly fragile” the Samsung Galaxy Fold was. The video was since removed by iFixit following a request made by Samsung.

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We sincerely hope that the Samsung Galaxy Fold’s release will be a success this time. It will reinvigorate a market that is currently saturated with mobile phones that are all pretty much the same with one another, save the bezel, camera, or notch.

Well, if the Samsung Galaxy Fold flops once again, there is always the Huawei Mate X.

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