The Samsung Galaxy A (2017) – A New Coat of Paint

It’s 2017 and a new year begets new gadgets, and Samsung is the first to push out the new Galaxy A series smartphones. The Galaxy A5 and A7 adds a stylistic touch, better performance under the hood and gives the user more convenience at their fingertips. The 5.2 inch A5 and 5.7 inch A7 will feature a metallic frame, always a nice touch, and a 3D glass back for that smooth finish.

Like more modern releases, the Galaxy A series smartphones are now IP68-certified water and dust resistant, so you can rest easy even when the elements are battering your phone. The usual Fast Charging capability is great, coupled with a more sustainable battery life.

Both the front and rear-facing cameras are 16 megapixels, and interestingly, the rear camera is now flushed with the back of the phone, say goodbye to awkwardly balanced phones! Selfies are also now easier with the Galaxy A, with a floating camera button to aid in those perfect selfie moments. The Galaxy A5 and A7 will both be available this coming January 21 at a recommended retail price of S$548 and S$648 respectively, with Black Sky, Gold Sand, and Peach Cloud the available colours to choose from.

There will also be a Neon Flip Cover launching simultaneously that comes in Black, Gold, Pink, or Blue, this nifty cover will not only protect your new phone but also provides a cool light show for notifications (S$78). Check out the neon lights in action below.

Not forgetting about the current line of Galaxy Edge smartphones, a new variant, dubbed the Black Pearl, will be available for the Galaxy S7 Edge 128GB version. This will launch on January 7 with a price tag of S$1,198.