The New Nintendo Switch Arcade Stick By 8bitdo Is The Stuff Of Nostalgic Dreams

Sometimes, duking it out on Joy-Cons or Pro Controllers on the Nintendo Switch just isn’t enough. Sometimes, you just want to give it your all in your sessions of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate against your opponents, or even your buddies on the couch who think they are better than you.

That’s when you bust out the new 8bitdo Arcade Stick to show them who’s boss. retails for Inspired by the retro colours of the iconic Super Nintendo Entertainment System, this arcade stick is perfect for folks looking to take their fighting game skills to the next level, be it on the Nintendo Switch or PC.

As with most other 8bitdo products, the Arcade Stick’s many buttons are fully customisable, and even come with two dedicated macro buttons (the two big black ones at the top corner). It has three different connectivity types depending on your preference; a standard Bluetooth connection, a 2.4GHz dongle (which is found in a hidden compartment in the main controller), as well as a USB-C cable.

Additionally, the Arcade Stick is fully moddable, which will appeal to many who dabble into the modding game. Its chassis can be opened up to reveal the various cables and joystick mounting plate, and as such can be retrofitted to suit the controller layout of virtually any arcade stick out there in the market. Talk about flexible.

The 8bitdo Arcade Stick releases on 20 October 2020, and retails for US$89.99 / S$125. Pre-orders are available now on Amazon.