The Long-Awaited Dynasty Warriors Movie Starring Louis Koo Finally Has A Full Trailer

After languishing in post-production, the Dynasty Warriors movie which is based on a video game based on a classic Chinese historical tale (whew) has a trailer. And it’s all kinds of awesome.

Having been initially announced in 2016, Dynasty Warriors will finally hit wide release on 30 April 2021. Here’s the recent trailer –

Now, we can see more Lu Bu square, square, triangle in this Dynasty Warriors movie. Read more: https://geekcu.lt/3t2vGqC

Posted by Geek Culture on Monday, March 8, 2021

It’s been a while since its initial trailer back in 2018 –

The show stars quite a few Asian cinema greats in the form of Louis Koo (Lu Bu), Carina Lau, Kai Wang (Cao Cao), Geng Han (Guan Yu).

If these names don’t ring a bell, their characters will definitely resonate. Considering the Dynasty Warriors franchise has been around since 1997, it should not come as a surprise if one of the producers played the game to death as a kid on their PlayStation.

Honestly, the Dynasty Warriors movie is pretty much we’d hoped for action wise. We’re not expecting much plot but if you’re giving us a battalion of grunts to mow down, considering us sold.