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The Brands Forcing Their Way into Star Wars Day: Singapore Edition 2017

To the non-geeks in the world, May the 4th is just another day. But to people like us, May the 4th has a special place in all our hearts, as it is the designated day for all things Star Wars.

Why May the 4th one might ask? It’s a phonetic play on the words “May the Force Be With You” but you already knew that, we just had to get it out of the way.

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Of course, brands know that too, so here they come into the picture, and spoiling all the fun. Not all brands are that blatant though, as some come up with some creative efforts but there will be the select few who thought they could get away with it, by slapping on something Star Wars and keeping their fingers crossed.

Here are a few we have seen around in Singapore, trying quite hard to jump on the bandwagon. But let’s start with the one good Chosen One, and some honourable mentions.

Housing Development Board

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Simple and classy, no need for overt brand placement. And, this is coming from a government body. For non-Singaporeans, the dragon structure is actually a playground around the older housing estates.


This is how you do it right guys. Old school versus new school.

Singapore Army

Classy, and subtle. We like.

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Looks extra yummy.


Speakers that can power up like Lightsabers and offering a freebie too to celebrate the occasion? We’re all in!

Changi Airport

We’re on the fence about this. It’s not Changi Airport’s best work but since it brings to prominence a Star Wars fan, we can dig that. The marshalling wands could have been shopped into sabers though, but maybe it works because they were left as is.

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And now… down the rancor pit we go…..


This is probably one of the most tacked on efforts for the list. A mobile phone launch with no correlation to Star Wars Day at all.

DBS Bank

Yeah we get it, talk about being insecure. Much brand, such logo.

Tampines 1 Shopping Mall

In contrast with what we’ve seen, this is not too bad. At least some effort is made to show off the product in action.

Ion Orchard Shopping Mall

Uh…that’s it? Are those even X-Wings?? And why are they shooting out green and blue lasers? Lightsabers come in different colours, not the lasers. This is what you get when you don’t pay your designers enough


Feels like someone thought of this in the morning, and had to fake it.


So where’s the punchline?Or maybe it’s the bad Photoshop…..


Hey guys, don’t be cheap, a voucher to purchase the XBOX console? Why not give it away, like Creative did.

PlayStation Asia

Ooh, Lightsaber! I was hoping for a 4 to appear somewhere. Repeatedly.


Good setup but poor finish. But it does make us want to get a Slurpee.


And for this one… we have no words…

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