The Boys Season 2 Gets A Billy Butcher Short Film To Tie Things Up

We’ve not long now till the premiere of the second season of The Boys on Amazon Prime Video. And for those who have caught up on Season 1, they might be anxious to learn about the fate of a certain member of the titular CIA group, and how he manages to make it back to the frontlines against Vought International and The Seven.

We’re talking about Billy Butcher, of course. To jog your memory a bit, the de facto leader of The Boys, played by Karl Urban, went missing at the end of the first season after the group’s clash with The Seven. But as we’ve seen in a recent video call with the cast and crew, he is clearly back among the group. So now the question is: how did he make his return?

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As it turns out, all Billy Butcher-related questions will be answered in an upcoming short film that will be released during Season 2’s weekly release of episodes. The short film, titled Butcher, will detail exactly how he reappears in the fight against The Seven.

“As season 2 begins, Butcher is M.I.A. and then shows up,” explains Eric Kripke, showrunner for The Boys, in an interview with Collider. “In episode 2, we originally shot something that revealed where he went and what his experiences were. But it ultimately didn’t end up fitting that well into the episode because it made Butcher’s story a lot less mysterious and intriguing, and it slowed down the rhythm.”

How exactly Butcher’s return will be depicted remains to be seen, but this deliberate choice to release a companion story just for that is an interesting one nonetheless.

Additionally, Kripke mentioned that the writing team aims to “expand” Giancarlo Esposito’s role as Stan Edgar, the CEO of Vought, and has plans to add in more special effects thanks to a larger budget.

Things are certainly up for The Boys Season 2, and will no doubt be a must-watch when it premieres on 4 September on Amazon Prime Video.