The Addams Family Live-Action TV Series By Tim Burton In The Works

In what feels like a match made in heaven and a project that’s a long time coming, it has been announced that Tim Burton will be working on a live-action The Addams Family TV show told from the perspective of Wednesday Addams.

According to Deadline, Burton will be joined by Smallville executive producers Alfred Gough and Miles Miller to executive produce the series. He is also negotiating to possibly direct all the episodes for the new TV series. Gough and Miller will also serve as head writers for the show.

The 1991 live-action film adaptation.

The series will reportedly be from the perspective from Wednesday and let viewers in on what the world looks like to her in 2020.

The Addams Family first hit TVs back in 1938 as an animated cartoon series by Charles Addams. It has since received a number of different adaptations, from a live-action TV series to live-action films, and most recently, an animated movie from MGM with a sequel due to release in 2021.

Burton is often known for his spooky and dark themed movies, with titles such as Beetlejuice, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Edward Scissorhands being just some of the many films under Burton that carries his signature dark comedic themes. It should come as a surprise to no one that the director has decided to take on work of adapting a new live-action TV series for The Addams Family.

The Addams Family sitcom which premiered in 1964.

The new series is currently being shopped around, with distributor MGM already fielding offers from streaming services such as Netflix. This project will also mark Burton’s first venture into directing for a TV series.

There is no words yet on who will be cast for the show but some are already speculating that Burton’s regular actors such as Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham-Carter might be making an appearance in the series.

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